Decorative stone enjoys increasing enthusiasm as part of the interior decor. By creating a unique wall decoration, it gives the rooms a remarkable character. It somehow complements the interior, refines it, and properly integrated into the whole, forms a remarkable arrangement.

We create decorative stone, which is widely used as an element of residential and commercial interior design. It perfectly imitates natural stone. At the same time, it is lightweight, has excellent insulating properties, is available in various designs and colors. It looks perfectly with wood, metal or glass. Thanks to it, the interior is not only elegant, modern, but also gains character and unique design.

Decorative stone fits perfectly for rooms with modern design, as well as the classic. It can be a decoration for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office. It complements the decor of the interior and allows to extract its beauty.

Thanks to a wide selection of colors and textures, it gives endless possibilities of arrangement.

In our offer you will find three types of decorative stone, i.e. Saint Tropez, Amsterdam and Toledo.

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is reminiscent of the sun and sand. Warm color and irregular shape of the room add a unique charm and create an amazing visual effect. Saint Tropez blends well with the interior of modern design creating a remarkable whole of such materials as glass, metal and steel. It can also be used in places where there is a classic design. It will calm the interior and give it a unique character.


Toledo, like the painting of the famous El Greco, brings to mind the mysterious space. As in the work of the Spanish master so in the interior, where the stone was used one can sense a note of mystery. Thanks to the irregular shape, introduces a certain dissonance. Uncertainty note gives the interiors an interesting, urban nature. At the same time, it evokes timeless durability. When selecting a decorative stone Toledo, we are sure that we create a remarkable space, which we will be proud of and in which we will feel comfortable.


Amsterdam is a modern city, vibrant and original. This is also true for a decorative stone with the same name found in our collection. Thanks to its texture and regular shapes, the stone is widely used. Toledo fits perfectly into the spaces of urban expression, both with classical and modern character. It looks perfectly in the living room, encompassing the warm area around the fireplace, as well as in industrial raw office interiors. Imitating brick, it becomes an interesting alternative to wallpaper or painted walls. It fits perfectly with the wood, as well as metal.