Amsterdam is a modern city, vibrant and original. This is also true for a decorative stone with the same name found in our collection. Thanks to its texture and regular shapes, the stone is widely used. Toledo fits perfectly into the spaces of urban expression, both with classical and modern character. It looks perfectly in the living room, encompassing the warm area around the fireplace, as well as in industrial raw office interiors. Imitating brick, it becomes an interesting alternative to wallpaper or painted walls. It fits perfectly with the wood, as well as metal.

Opis i dane techniczne


ilość w opakowaniu: 11 sztuk – 0,49 m2
waga opakowania: 5,5 kg
ilość opakowań na palecie: 120
waga palety: 700 kg


ilość sztuk w opakowaniu: 8 sztuk – 0.96 mb.
waga opakowania: 2,6 kg
ilość opakowań na palecie: 120
waga palety: 360 kg