Toledo, like the painting of the famous El Greco, brings to mind the mysterious space. As in the work of the Spanish master so in the interior, where the stone was used one can sense a note of mystery. Thanks to the irregular shape, introduces a certain dissonance. Uncertainty note gives the interiors an interesting, urban nature. At the same time, it evokes timeless durability. When selecting a decorative stone Toledo, we are sure that we create a remarkable space, which we will be proud of and in which we will feel comfortable.

Opis i dane techniczne


ilość w opakowaniu: 11 sztuk – 0,49 m2
waga opakowania: 7,4 kg
ilość opakowań na palecie: 90
waga palety: 600 kg


ilość sztuk w opakowaniu: 8 sztuk – 0.96 mb.
waga opakowania: 4,4 kg
ilość opakowań na palecie: 90
waga palety: 390 kg